Situation at the factory of “Volkswagen” in Kaluga

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Trade union MPRA at the factory of “Volkswagen” in Kaluga call all the non-governmental organizations, independent trade unions and citizens partial to the struggle of the working class to support workers of Kaluga. It is not just about some industrial dispute. The right of workers to self-defense through organization of legal strikes  is at stake!

Labor opposition at that factory began after the decline in demand of cars a row of working shifts were moved to weekends in the summer. Furthermore, week of downtime from 12 to 17 of August caused by improvement and adjustment for production of a new model, Skoda Rapid, moves to take summer weekends too. So workers are going to be forced to work all the summer without rest.

Spontaneous manifestations of protest and trade union’s negotiations with the factory’s administration did not lead to the exit from the crisis situation. Moreover, the administration told that “while we are able to produce cars, considering opinions of people is meaningless”. Because of this over two thousand workers were in favor of strike. It was proposed to begin on May 12, but on May 8 Kaluga Regional Court ruled to ban the strike until the hearing to recognize the strike legal or illegal on May 22. It is clear that the judgment will be in favor of the factory’s administration.

As the trade union’s leader Dmitriy Trudovoy told, the fact of hearing was quite unexpected for him and his comrades. The court’s decision was taken without the presence of the trade union, which was not given to know properly.

All we know who and for what write laws in this country. Nowadays making a legal strike is more of a fairytale than reality. All the legal strikes in the Russian Federation can be counted on the fingers of one hand, however it did not prevent for the union “MPRA” to win. As we know, in the Russian Empire workers haven’t rights for simple instruments of self-defence, not to mention the strike. That fact did not prevent workers to fight and win. Now the situation in this country is similar to the one at the beginning of the XX century, but now workers’ organizations are ready to fight.

Interregional Trade Union of Automobile Industry call all the partial people, independent trade unions and leftist political organizations to arrange in their cities performances in support of the demands of the Kaluga workers. Any LEGAL distribution of information about the situation is encouraged. Arranging any legal performances near dealer centers of “Volkswagen” to engage attention of visitors to problems of workers who produce that cars is desirable.

Send information about your action to e-mail:

Contact information: 8-919-039-68-11 (Dmitriy Trudovoy, president of the primary trade union organization of Interregional Trade Union of Automobile Industry in “VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus”); 8-980-710-69-62 (Dmitriy Kozhnev, regional representative of Interregional Trade Union of Automobile Industry in Kaluga).

Kaluga workers need support, and we believe that there are enough people in this country for whom “solidarity” is not an empty word.


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