Ukraine in flames

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Dear brothers all around the world. The situation causes me to write this communique.
Nowadays Yanukovych (Ukraine’s President) tries to become another bloody dictator. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds of people are missing, hundreds of people were arrested. Police forces and recruited armed prostitutes kill Ukrainian freedom fighters and even passerbies in streets without fear of being punished. Journalists and medicians are under attack too, without regard: old, young, male, female… The atmosphere of terror spreads all around Ukraine.
The ruling parties of the Party of Regions (PR) and the ‘Communist’ Party of Ukraine (CPU) have introduced several law changes in Ukraine since January 16:
  1. restrictions on freedom of assembly (ban of any peaceful protest)
  2. censorship (ban of any anti-government propaganda)
  3. prohibition on anticorruptional investigations (collection of information about havings of judges, policemen, etc);
  4. laws against extremism, so the authorities may call anything they don’t like an extremism threat.
This is the new fascist regimen in Ukraine. Today Yanukovych starts using army against the people. Water cannons, special grenades of different types, firearms, APC’s are used by police forces in streets for about a month, already. The people captures and burns governmental buildings in regions of Ukraine.
The people could tolerate Yanukovych to sell Ukraine’s independence to Russia. The people could tolerate Yanukovych to build his own versailles near Kyiv. The people could tolerate Yanukovych’s ‘comrades’ to conquer all the Ukraine’s economy.
But now we have nothing to lose. If Yanukovych wins, even if we survive, we go to prison as “extremists”. And the people lives in a dictator’s domain called ‘Ukraine’.
Folk Freedom fights not just for destruction of the new Yanukovych’s order, but for the reconstruction of the society according to the principles of direct democracy, total arming and common property.
We don’t support liberal opposition parties (Tymoshenko’s “Batkivshchyna”, Klichko’s “UDAR”, so-called ‘nationalist’ “Svoboda”). They’d buy seats in the government for freedom fighters’ deaths, if anybody sold. Initially they used to dissociate themselves from any so-called “radicals and provokers”, but when it has become clear that peaceful protests weren’t success, most people gave up supporting them. Nowadays the people doesn’t trust any of the so-called “the opposition leaders”. It self-organizes by itself, without being controlled by any political group, nor liberal, nor far-right.
Yanukovych now fears the people, he asks for a truce. So the people has a chance. Pray to any gods while your brothers in Ukraine hold on..
We should mention new Ukrainian heroes:
  • Pavlo Mazurenko (beaten to death)
  • Yuriy Verbytskiy (50 years old, seismologist, PhD from Lviv, tortured to death)
  • Sergiy Nigoyan (20 y.o., Armenian, from Dnipropetrovsk region, shot to death)
  • Mikhail Zhyznewski (25 y.o., Belarusian, UNA-UNSO member)
  • Roman Senyk (45 y.o., filling station worker from Lviv region, shot to death)
  • Bohdan Kalynyak (52 y.o., businessman from Ivano-Frankivsk region, pneumonia)
  • Sergiy Synenko (from Zaporizhzhya region, burned to death in his car)
  • Sergiy Didych (44 y.o., from Ivano-Frankivsk region, “Svoboda” member)
  • Volodymyr Kishchuk (57 y.o., from Zaporizhzhya region, beaten to death)
  • Sergiy Shapoval (45 y.o., Kyiv)
  • Igor Serdyuk (40 y.o., from Poltava region, shot to death)
  • Zurab Khurtsia (53 y.o., Georgian, heart attack)
  • Antonina Dvoryanets (62 y.o., female, Chernobyl hero)
  • Vyacheslav Veremiy (journalist of Vesti, shot to death)
  • Valeriy Brezdenyuk (50 y.o., businessman and craftsman from Vinnytsia region, “UDAR” member, shot to death)
  • Andriy Korchak (from Lviv region, beaten to death)
  • Volodymyr Naumov (43 y.o., Donetsk region)
  • Olexandr Kapinos (29-30 y.o., from Ternopil region, “Svoboda” member, injuries from a grenade)
  • Olexandr Plekhanov (22 y.o.)
  • Yakiv Zayko (73 y.o., Zhytomyr, Supreme Rada deputy in 1990-94, heart attack)
  • Volodymyr Kulchytskiy (64 y.o., Kyiv, shot to death)
  • Andriy Chernenko (35 y.o.)
  • Yuriy Paskhalin (30 y.o., from Cherkasy region, shot to death)
  • Vitaliy Vasiltsov (36 y.o., from Kyiv region, shot to death)
  • Roman Varenytsia (35 y.o.. from Lviv region, shot to death)
  • Ivan Kreman (from Poltava region)
  • Roman Tochyn (44 y.o., from Lviv region)
  • Victor Chmilenko (52 y.o., farmer, from Kirovograd region, shot to death)
  • Oleg Ushnevych (32 y.o., from Lviv region)
  • Igor Tkachuk (38 y.o., from Russia)
  • Olexandr Tsaryov (from Kyiv region)
  • Ustym Golodnyuk (19 y.o., from Ternopil region, “Democratic Alliance” member, shot to death)
  • Olexandr Shcherbatyuk (from Chernivtsi)
  • Igor Kostenko (22 y.o., student from Lviv)
  • Roman Gochyn (from Lviv region)
  • Yosyp Shyling (61 y.o, shot to death)
  • Yuriy Parashchuk (47 y.o., from Kharkiv)
  • Mykola Dzyavulskiy (55 y.o., school teacher of geography and biology, from Khmelnytskiy region)
  • Bogdan Solchanyk (from Lviv region, teacher at Ukrainian Catholic University)
  • Volodymyr Zakharov (57 y.o., IT specialist, died in flames)
  • Victor Smilenko (52 y.o., from Kirovograd region)
  • Vasyl Moysey (20 y.o., from Volyn region)
  • Sergiy Baydovskiy (22 y.o., from Lutsk, shot to death)
  • Georgiy Aratunyan  (50 y.o., from Rivne)
  • Nazar Voytovych
  • Eduard Grynevych (28 y.o., from Volyn region)
  • Anatoliy Zhalovaga (33 y.o., from Lviv)
  • Anatoliy Zherebnev (from Lviv region)
  • Sergiy Kemskiy (33 y.o., from Crimea)
  • Andriy Movchan (33 y.o., “Democratic Alliance” member)
  • Vitaliy Smolinskiy (from Cherkasy region)
  • [Unknown] (40 y.o., from Cherkasy region, hit by a car to death)
  • [Unknown (21 y.o., from Khmelnytskiy, shot to death)
These are the only deceased people known by name. Several bodies are unidentified yet. Many people got gunshot wounds, lost eyes and limbs. But the struggle shall never stop.
Hailed be the Heroes! Death to authorities!
Folk Freedom member
19.02.2014, 23:24.


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