To the memory of Dobroslav

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“I adore the Life, but I don`t repine for the Death. I know: the Spirits will take me to their cheerful khorovod”.


At the night from the 18th to the 19th of May our world was left by Dobroslav (Dobrovolskiy A.A.) – the great Russian thinker, enlightener, mystic and revolutionist. Whole epoch in contemporary Slavic Paganism as well as in Russian liberating movement is connected with his name.

Genuine Volkhv, as if he overstepped the threshold of modernity from the far world of Pagan Rus, although he never called so himself in virtue of natural modesty unlike to many self-titled costumed clowns, who turn native world view to cheap farce.

All scope of his Person, like it often happens with outstanding people, only our descendants will be able to estimate deservedly. He lived out bright, saturated and plethoric life, showing by it how we must fight, think, don`t compromise.

His books, lections, interviews, way of life are directing to action for all honest people with strong spirit, for all, who are ready to donate everything for the triumph of the Idea.

Exactly these guys and girls, men and women were coming to the Grandfather, as we all respectful called Dobroslav, to his house in abandon village Vasenyovo.

In that ancient the lands of Vyatichy he was able to embody his old dream about free life at the bosom of the wild Nature. There he had written almost all his books, articles, brochures, being guarded and inspired by the native Spirits.

Dobroslav taught us real Paganism as enchantment, as sacral and mystic feeling of the Life, taught us love and kinship with all living, what is beget by the Mother-Nature. But along with all this he always was asserting the necessity of intransigent struggle against the evil, which has enslaved our Motherland.

Dobroslav taught us simple and clear truths:

“Man`s life is meaningless and aimless, if it is not inspired by honorable intention to the Beyond. The sense of the being is achieved by basing it on the Idea, but not on the needs. The person can be overlived only by the SUPERPERSONAL, timeless spiritual impulses. If the man hadn`t reached the immortality during his life, he is doomed to dissolution in natural elements after death.

You can create your holistic, imperishable Ego that lives through its frail sheath, only by cultivating the virtues of WARRIOR in yourself. The Warrior directs his life in such way, that in crucial moment he will be ready to meet the death worthily.

Stay steadfastly in troubles: they are invaluable experience too. Never lose your heart: the despondency calls the trouble itself. Strikes of your Destiny exist for inducing the inner might of the person. The severe trials facilitate the assertion of the adamantine WILL as the highest spiritual origin in a man. GOOD WILL BECOMES FORGED ONLY IN STRUGGLE AGAINST THE EVIL, WHICH HAS CAPTURED THE POWER IN OUR COUNTRY.

In this struggle everyone somehow or other takes part by his actions or shameful inactivity. From the abyss of despair the formidable wave of Retribution surges. The capitalism is so disgusting that there are not inadmissible ways for blowing it up!”

(Dobroslav, “Blood and Honor”).

And the enemy perceived the danger that emanates from the Grandfather. The swarms from different state gangs had provoked criminal cases against him, entered nearly each his book the list of illegal, so-called “extremist literature”, frustrated his lections, sought his house through. We remember their names. The day will come and every of these scum will pays on his “merits” on the people`s tribunal.

The farewell with the Grandfather according to ancient Slavic customs, by his testament, was held in the afternoon on the 22th of May in the village Vasenyovo.

But the terrestrial world is left only by a body, a temporary frail sheath. His spirit now will help us in execution of his parting words, legated by Dobroslav in one of his last articles:

“We have grand emergent task: to exercise THE FOLK REVOLUTION, which will be able by its own develop the fair order from sprouts that have already hatched in the mind and in the hearts of truthseekers”.

So let`s be worthy of the memory of Dobroslav!

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