Solidarity with the Struggle of Turkey

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Today Folk Freedom in Odesa held a performance in solidarity with the Turkish people fighting for their rights and freedom.

This day, blocking one of the main streets in Odesa, adjacent to the office of the Turkish commercial attaché, we have shown our support for national liberation struggle of all nations aof the world, in this case, the Turkish nation, against the exploitation by capitalists.

Below is translation of the leaflets.

We, folk socialists of Odesa, declare solidarity with the Turkish people, who do not bow their heads in the face of the repressive apparatus of the state and its executioners presented as police officers, judges and officials. Erdogan’s criminal regime that enslaves Turkish people should fall of the pressure of the revolutionary masses not satisfied of ridiculous concessions of the rules.

This day we show our support for the Turkish people attacked by rule defenders at s peaceful demonstrations in favor of Gezi park. The government that exploits working masses completely discredited itself, it can no longer stop the wave of anger of ordinary people. Explaining all the protest actions by the will to defend a green zone the rules openly deceive the world.

So we call the Turkish not to stop revolutionary protest. Only through international solidarity all the nations of the world may lose rule of parasites and capitalists, and only the Revolution may bring freedom from wage slavery, totalitarian states and national oppression.

Conquest bread for every nation!


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