Moscow, May 15th – Protest in support of Kaluga “Volkswagen” workers

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As we already mentioned, for quite a long time the trade union of workers of the Volkswagen’s factory in Kaluga struggle against factory’s administration and local executive rules judicially banning workers to arrange the strike planned before in protest against intolerable working conditions.

In response to the repression by local distracted capitalists and their onhangers in judicial robes and prosecutors straps the trade union published the appeal and the call to solidarity asking to support them spreading information and arranging performances to tell the society their aims and legal rights.

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In connection in that on May 15 in front of the official office of the concern “Volkswagen” in Moscow about 10 members of the comradeship “Folk Freedom” arranged a performance in solidarity with workers of the factory deploying a banner with the slogan “Забастовка – право рабочих” (“Strikes are the right of workers”) and scattering leaflets.


Putting up with injustice today will become a victim tomorrow.  One for all – all for one!

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