Proceeding from the principles of Community, Equality and Solidarity, our free union of Folk Socialists does hereby proclaim the establishment of an international movement to be called Folk’s Freedom.

We are united in rejecting any authoritarian regimes perpetuating themselves due to the oppression of the people, the domination of social parasites living at the expense of the toiling class, the social order enabling social injustice and national oppression.

We regard any bureaucratic State apparatus as an instrument of the people’s enslavement, as an army of liars, idlers, and social drones.

We oppose an exaltation of the Man over the Nature. A contemporary mode of production, the goal whereof is to secure profits at any cost, generates irreversible and harmful natural processes threatening all life on the Earth, which may potentially eliminate the mankind on this planet.

We oppose modern politics of globalization destroying the Folks, their independence and identity. We stand for the full and complete elimination of any forms of imperialism and chauvinism within the system of international relations.

In view of these principles, we call upon all men and women of good will to join the common struggle for the emergence of a new, more just world, in which:

  • All State authorities shall be replaced by self-management bodies functioning not for the benefit of some narrow elite, but for the People at large. All powers will belong directly to the People, united in accordance with the principle of direct democracy into assemblies and councils, free from corrupt politicians, ministers, capitalists and policemen.
  • All means of production, including land and industrial enterprises, shall be owned by the self-governing unions of workers, existing for the benefit of all nation, rather than for the “chosen” oligarchs and other parasites.
  • All citizens shall be effectively equal in their rights and duties, irrespective of their social origins. The citizen corps will include all persons united by common production and consumption serving for the benefit of the Folk;
  • All citizens shall have freedom of conscience, speech, assembly, association, movement, occupation, immunity of person and home, possession of weapons;
  • All former oppressive institutions (the police, prosecution services, the courts, and secret services) shall be disbanded and replaced by the forces of Folk Militia, Folk Judiciary, and Folk legislation;
  • Each region shall possess full autonomy and freedom to self-manage the pressing concerns of its population;
  • Each nation will have a right to defend its ethnic and racial identity, as well as a right of self-defence against the encroachments on its rights by any hostile forces (including the immigrants-colonizers, as well as any apostles of “tolerance” and “multiculturalism”).

Thus, we revive the ageless Folk traditions in managing popular affairs, traditions of the order of free citizens and nations as well as these nations’ confederations.

The Folk’s Freedom is an international community of autonomous national sections and free comrades.

Only acting together, we may be able to realize the glorious ideals of direct democracy, smash anti-Folk regimes and resist the oppression by governments and ruling elites that hinder the progress of mankind and threaten to exterminate all life in our common planet. Only in common struggle for a just future, the real Nations shall be born – the sovereign and self-governing Folks free from the domination of capital and bureaucratic State apparatus.

  • Pera Dwthe

    fuck you fascists bastards!no fantasy at all.
    The real and unique left wing Народная воля would have killed you,while you were sleepin

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