Long live primorsky partisans!

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Left liberals consider the 5th of December 2011 to be the day when the war on Putin’s kleptocracy was declared, when another dirty fraud, commonly known as “elections”, made “disgruntled townsfolk” out of those who usually stare at the computer screens chewing something in process. Nationalists call to memory, that a year before this event, thousands of football fans occupied Manezhnaya Square in Moscow and with their right hands, stretched from heart towards the sun, earnestly threatened the walls of Moscow Kremlin. Actually, the war was declared earlier, in the proper way – not by the exponentially beaten Caucasian teenagers, not by the hysterical threats to “cut the throats of these beasts”, but with shots. These shots sounded in June, 2011 in Primorsky taiga.

Now “primorsky partisans” are quite unpopular. It appears that it has nothing to do with that fact, that Kovtun and Savchenko though had converted to Islam while being under arrest. It also has nothing to do with that thing, that ideological justifications of the deeds of six young men, who went to the forest to struggle against the authorities, are still turbid. As it usually happens in such situations, society was embraced by the offense with its own exaggerated expectations. When the information about primorsky partisans appeared on the internet, rumors about the “commander of the Russian army, airborne forces officer Roman Murovtsev” who leads the partisans, began to spread with the speed of the running snowball. There were a lot of talks about the authorities who prepare to defend Vladivostok, about Primorsky FCB which refused to guide its cooperators in process of capturing the rebellions, because of the fear for their lives. Those guys, whose names and photos were known only from the police findings, were cheered in a way, in which Russian football team wouldn’t be cheered even if it’s in the final of the Football Championship. People who have forgotten about God now prayed sincerely for those guys. They prayed for the possibility for them at least to go away from executioners to the place where they can’t be found, if they can’t defeat their pursuers in a fair fight: “taiga will hide the righteous, even if they don’t have a place to hide”…

But life is prosaic. No matter how silly and coward the Daemonwoods of Urfin Juice were, he made enough of them to gradually defeat a group of lionhearted who had one carbine and a gun for all. Evil triumphed and with a shiny face of a prosecutor began to tell us stories about the terrible terrorists, wahhabis, maniacs. And crying for the camera wife of the alcoholic Alexey Karas, who was slaughtered during the watch, seems more tragic than the restrained and laconic Marina Suhorada with her blog. And primorsky partisans themselves appeared to be not the heroes of those songs, in which partisans dashingly derail german echelons, they appeared to be just those, who they were made by ordinary russian reality: dying settlement in a depressive region, alcoholism, thievery, mess…

Nevertheless, they were the first. No matter how displeasingly it is for Moscow oppositionists to realize this. They were the first who cut a huge abscess on the body of our so varied yet so unified in its hopelessness society. They did it as they were taught to from their early childhood – roughly, strictly, presumptuously. It’s like breaking a first bottle on someone’s head in a street fight. For this rough, demotic, promiscuous hatred they were turned into a banner by those, who was still afraid, huddling, who murmured something awkward answering the questions of the policeman during the “preventive talk”. Shots mean war. If it’s war, you can’t hide or sit and wait. You are on our side or on the other one. And if you are left by everyone in jail and your name is Alexander Kovtun, if you are on Manezhnaya or Bolotnaya Square and if your name is going to become a symbol of this resistance, this struggle against the system – mad with its meanness and lies – it means that the war which started 3 year ago in Primorsky taiga still lasts. It means that someday we will succeed.

Long live Primorsky Heroes!

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