Leader-in-itself as a principle of the revolutionary ethic

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“Bandera will come and make the order” – we can hear at the meetings of those, who proclaim themselves as the guardians of the nation. It seems that we can put anything at the place of “Bandera” – Stalin/Hitler/Mao or even Christ, the sense of this sloganwill stay constant: responsibility of “making the order” is handed to some magnificent power, embodied in idealised person, who only can to initiate positive changes. It is sadly to see, how much potential revolutionists live in conditions of worthless expectation, and some of them, disappointed, spit on all and return to the bosom of conformism.

Exit, like it often happens, is much nearer, than enumerated persons. Stop looking for a leader outside – in the “elite”, “directorate”, “messiah”, it`s time to find the leader in ourselves and for ourselves! This is not a call to execute literally the shameful adage “Where are three Ukrainians, there are two hetmans” or the plot of “The swan, the cancer and the pike”. On the contrary, the leader-in-itself/leader-for-itself is designed to exterminate the flatulent individualism and self-love, to harmonize and compare own interests with the interests of community whenever it been.

Actually it is very commonplace: before “making the order” around we should make the order in ourselves. The skill to submit the regime, which you will make for yourself, but at the same time the skill to come out of it, to “break through thetemplate” – this way you will nurture the leader, of whom it was said about.

We see contemporary fascists (in the right meaning of this word). Their basis is in outside discipline and organization, which is founded on coercion and hierarchy. But how viable is the movement, founded on enforced discipline? It is doomed for the stagnation and degeneration as soon as the coercion will transform to sadism and nefarious desire to domination. There is no earthly to say about the society, based on such principles.

That`s why we must give the oppose to this principle in self-discipline and self-organization, inside rod, which will gradually rid the revolutionist from need for any outside authority. If he will be able to live and fight in conditions, when there is nobody to remind him about the responsibility and nobody to punish him in case of its failure, – it means that leader-in-itself was already found and nurtured.

We consider that the outlined principle is positively required for every revolutionist, who doesn`t want only fill his youth with something good and interesting, but who wants to get wealthy harvest of social renovations. In the epoch of the general information control, commodity fetishism and the alienation, which was reached its crucial scope (we can bet that Marx and Engels weren`t realize its contemporary sweep), this principle teaches, how to be free, being aware of self equality with each member of the nation, that the revolutionist wants to defense, putting the fraternity with the comrades of weapon and spirit above own niggling whimsies.

How this principle, that is obviously not acceptable for all, can be used in the free society of equal opportunities, when the territorial community or labor council are able to remind about the responsibility, but aren`t able for the coercion, we may examine in the next essay.

With the part of the new world in heart, comrade Shilo, Folk Freedom, Ukraine.


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