Just the Beginning

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People! It’s not over.
It seems like the dictator regime in Ukraine has been overthrown. Confrontations continue in some regions, but there is no chance for Yanukovych to return to Bankova street or his palace in Mezhyhirya. Some people rush to celebrate.

There are many different opinions about the origin of Maidan: political technology of the West, provocations of the Russian government, somebody’s trying to bring down the cost of the Ukrainian hryvnia, the idea to start World War III, fascist takeover… They are just terrified of the mind, that the people of Ukraine have intervened in their destiny, have broken all the predictions.

There is one consequence of the latest events which erases all profit for any authorities. The people have seen their power. The people keep in mind the taste of lead and the view of its own blood, the smell of tear gas and the fire on barricades. There were force methods used by the protestants and they were efficient. Not those negotiations of the opposition leaders, not those EU appeals, not Ruslana’s songs have overthrown Yanukovych. It’s been done with clubs, bricks and molotovs by the ones with brave hearts.

But it’s not over yet. At first, opposition leaders have already begun to grab the positions of power, and the deputies from the Party of the Regions are just changing their flags, as usual. People demand immediate elections not only for the president post, but as well for Supreme Rada (Ukraine’s Parliament). We consider that’s not enough. We need transfer of power from the centre to the regions, to the councils of citizens, with obligatory introduction of imperative mandate, and revival of the tradition of veche democracy (Slavonic name for thing assemblies) as the main form of expression of the people’s will.

At second, dozens of heroes laid down for this, hundreds have been severely injured. Authorities have used firearms against protesters. There were the cruelest sadists thrown against unarmed people. We stand for the free flow of defense weapons.

At third, after the escape of Yanukovych measures of the despoliation of people’s wealth have been revealed. We are convinced that rivers and lakes, fields and groves, minerals should not belong to anyone but all the working people. Industry (factories, workshops, farms) must be controlled by working collectives.

This is a small part of our principles. There is one obvious thing for us: while Ukraine is ruled by bullies, while the workers live in poverty – our job is not done. This is only the beginning.

Death to authorities!

Mieczysław Woron. February 24, 2014.

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