Is the middle class a guaranty of stability?

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For many years we’ve been continuously told that the middle class is a guaranty of stability. It’s a vast class of the owners, who save those with power and authority from any troubles beneath. Those who have tasted fresh orange juice on the beaches of Malta; who have sensed the smell of a leather upholstery of Toyota Camry, purchased in credit; who have heard a key creak opening the door of a new three-roomed apartment in a decent district, – they’d cut anyone’s throat if he’d tried to break their stability and serenity. Just sit quiet, study hard, pay your credits regularly. After graduation work in the office under the accompaniment of the air conditioning, become a boss of the apartment when you reach 30 – live like in a fairy tale.

 The fairy tale, that has been told by the authorities for nearly 20 years. The fairy tale, that has nothing to do with the real life.

Have you been loyal when those morons with blue buckets were teasing the police from the housetop? Good for you! Go to the morgue for identification. Your pregnant wife in her Citroen was smashed by the s-class Mercedes with the AAA numbers. Have you been stuck in traffic complaining about another demonstration organized by the crazy leftists? Be so kind, go to the airport lounge, spend there a day or so, it’s a perfect start of the vacation. Have you been laughing at infantile anarchists who have been acting on camera factitiously standing for the tenants of a hostel? Is there your mortgage apartment been taken down?

It’s yours, isn’t it?

Oh, sorry, no luck this time, shit happens.

 You supposed that’s enough to be a good guy, to keep your mouth shut, work hard, save some money for living and one day escape this swamp… Not trying to reach the heights of the celestial beings, just to feel that you are a human being, to have normal food, a presentable car, a house… the middle class, generally. But you’ve been fooled again. There’s no middle class, there’s no level to reach. There’s just US and THEM.

 THEY press, wring out, take away, take down, cripple, mock and laugh straight in your face.

And WE tolerate.

We YET tolerate…


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