“Folk Freedom” took part in a tournament of knife fighting

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On May 10th members of “Folk Freedom” in Saint Petersburg took part in interregional tournament of knife fighting. Jury consisted entirely of comrades of “Folk Freedom” who have experience in refereeing. Also one Ukrainian guest from Vinnytsia section of “Folk Freedom” took part in jury. There were 5 guys and 1 girl as activists of Folk Freedom. 30 participants attended the tournament in all.


Winners were members of knife fighting club “Tolpar”, Molitary-Patriotic club of the town of Pushkin and Petrozavodsk sports club “Anaconda”. Our comrades passed to the semi-finals. The tournament was held in a friendly atmosphere and extreme dynamism letting our members to improve their techniques of knife fighting.Kxddu3_Fr6Q

Our comradeship aims to instil the ideas of arms for all the free people and culture of gun ownership for the self-sufficient people able to fight back in defense of their interests and to solve many of their own problems. We plan to show achievements of our members in military and sports skills training and knife fighting techniques taking part in respective tournaments.


Weapons are the basis of free personality!


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