If the whole nation breathes – there will be the wind

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“If the whole nation breathes – there will be the wind”. The Russian saying.

The death of a human being is a tragedy, for it is irreversible. The death of a town, a city or a village doesn’t seem to be so irreversible at the first sight. However, if we try to think about a huge amount of the human work, once put in these wasted streets, houses and yards, think about the emotions – whether it’s joy or sorrow – forever sealed in them. Those walls became witnesses of the ordinary yet meaningful for everyone’s life moments: the first word ever said to someone, the first letter written on the school blackboard, the first kiss right here on this crossroad… Just think how many long-awaited letters lay in these rusted postboxes, what warm fragrant bread was made in this former bakery, how delicious a jet of water from the tank tasted… For someone it was a small motherland, for others – just a statistics report. Settlement so-and-so, residents’ number – 0, resettled due to…

Folkanarchism and Free Communism

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Before the 20th century the word “communism” was not equal to Marxism and the Russian bolshevism with its rigid and authoritarian state-socialism. The term can be traced back to the French revolution and early revolutionary theorists such as Gracchus Babeuf (1760-1797). During that time “communism”represented the return to the organic community of voluntary human relations. The idea that primitive men knew a long period of “primordial-communism” was not limited to the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This idea was shared among almost all great classic historians from Greece to China, and is an essential part of the mythological history of almost all cultures of the world.

To the memory of Dobroslav

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“I adore the Life, but I don`t repine for the Death. I know: the Spirits will take me to their cheerful khorovod”.


At the night from the 18th to the 19th of May our world was left by Dobroslav (Dobrovolskiy A.A.) – the great Russian thinker, enlightener, mystic and revolutionist. Whole epoch in contemporary Slavic Paganism as well as in Russian liberating movement is connected with his name.

Leader-in-itself as a principle of the revolutionary ethic

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“Bandera will come and make the order” – we can hear at the meetings of those, who proclaim themselves as the guardians of the nation. It seems that we can put anything at the place of “Bandera” – Stalin/Hitler/Mao or even Christ, the sense of this sloganwill stay constant: responsibility of “making the order” is handed to some magnificent power, embodied in idealised person, who only can to initiate positive changes. It is sadly to see, how much potential revolutionists live in conditions of worthless expectation, and some of them, disappointed, spit on all and return to the bosom of conformism.

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