All Cops Are Bastards

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Imagine your perfect world: does it have a police force? Thomas More’s imagined Utopia didn’t, ours certainly would not, and even your average police officer’s probably doesn’t. We have one because we don’t live in a perfect world, a world of equality – that much is clear. But what if the existence of police forces is exactly what’s blocking even our first tentative steps towards that world?

The decline of morality in conditions of the market economy

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Why do we consider the capitalism as a root of all problems of our society? Only because of it`s trend to deepen the property stratification between the poor and the rich? Or, maybe, because of it`s basis in the exploitation of man by man? Or the main reason is its transformation in the final phase to imperialistic power that is enforced to search new and new markets in the new lands, basing the supply not on the demand, but on the informative influence? In all that is a part of the answer, but why do we not offer to reform this economical order for the primary conditions of the free competition?

A Critique of Marxism

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Marxism is a dogma which believes that it can make the entire human and social life into a science. Marxism would be an absolute mechanical causality, in which every cause becomes an operation and each operation becomes a cause. It pretends to know the future, to make provisions on the conditions of human development, however for us it represents a ridiculous failure to recognize the boundries of science. By no means can we deny science, but subjective as science is, it can merely be an estimate which depends on the personality it carries within itself.

Folkanarchism and Free Communism

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Before the 20th century the word “communism” was not equal to Marxism and the Russian bolshevism with its rigid and authoritarian state-socialism. The term can be traced back to the French revolution and early revolutionary theorists such as Gracchus Babeuf (1760-1797). During that time “communism”represented the return to the organic community of voluntary human relations. The idea that primitive men knew a long period of “primordial-communism” was not limited to the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This idea was shared among almost all great classic historians from Greece to China, and is an essential part of the mythological history of almost all cultures of the world.

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